Story of Cody’s Revenge

Cody’s Revenge 

Cody Grimley was sick with envy on Halloween as Sarah’s Sinister Circus attracted hordes of frightened patrons. He despised his disturbed sister, Sarah, getting attention for her nightmarish clowns and demented performers. This year, Cody planned his revenge.

On opening night, Cody infiltrated the big top tents and sliced down the banners, shredded the costumes, and damaged vital circus equipment. Screams rang out as panicked guests fled from the chaos Cody had unleashed. Sarah wailed as Cody wrecked everything she built. 

“I’ll make you pay for this, wretched brother!” Sarah hissed. But the harm was done – local officials banned Sarah’s circus.

One year later, ignoring all warnings, Sarah boldly reopened her circus in the original decaying tent on the edge of town. Her clowns were more demonic than ever with mangled prosthetics, rotting flesh masks, and mouths filled with jagged decaying teeth. 

Bree the plumber lurked with her coiled hissing pipes, readying to spray unsuspecting visitors. Sarah’s posse of demented clowns swung bats and chains at anyone passing by. Sinister stage hands snuck up on unsuspecting guests to steal their soul.

Sarah perched on a tattered throne, begging new victims to join her circus family. “Just one prick of my special elixir and you’ll stay forever!” she declared with crazed glee.

Meanwhile, Cody stood guard outside, urging all to turn back. But the bright lights and ominous music compelled curious guests inside. The clowns delighted in tormenting all who entered their domain.

As survivors neared the circus exit, a roar pierced the silence – Dr. Grimley wielding a bloody chainsaw emerged! “You tried stealing my daughter away! Now I’ll take something in return!” he shouted, consumed by Amanda’s profane magic. The circus had warped his mind, and now Dr. Grimley would inflict that evil on anyone nearby.

Cody’s long-simmering jealousy of Sarah’s circus still attracting huge crowds boiled over. His festering rage transformed him physically and mentally. The blood moon triggered his transformation into a monstrous clown-beast. 

He rampaged through the remnants of the circus, shredding the big top tents and crushing the bleachers into splinters. The demonic clowns shrieked as he ripped them limb from limb. He overpowered Sarah and dragged her by the hair back to her circus trailer, locking her inside to wallow in the destruction he had wrought.

As dawn broke, Cody collapsed in the rubble. The twisted magic burned away with the rising sun, reverting him to human form. But as Cody stumbled home, the faintest hint of a smile played upon his lips. The circus may have fallen, but the seeds of mayhem had been planted in his soul. The rage continued smoldering within…whispering, plotting, waiting for its moment to emerge again.A battered Sarah climbed from the wreckage and slipped away into the woods, escaping the trailer Cody had locked her inside. As Sarah limped away, wrath simmered in her heart over her brother’s vicious demolition. She began plotting a sinister retaliation to unleash on Cody come the next blood moon.

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