Dr. Grimley’s Haunted Trail – Sunsational Farms – Umatilla, FL

Carnival of Puppets…
Whispers from the Mine…

Double the Trails, Double the Terror

This year we’ve expanded to 2 themed trails where we’ll prey upon your deepest phobias with horrific scares designed to unsettle and disorient. Double the trails… double the terror… double the value. And there’s more…

Brave the Darkness: Do You Dare Survive the “Lights Out” Terror?

From 8pm until 10pm each night, both trails will terrify your uneasy soul. But after 10pm, we turn off the lights and amp up the scares for those brave enough to enter the trails for the “Lights Out” experience with nothing but a tiny hand-held light (provided) to illuminate your way (and any horror that may cross your path…)

That’s 4 total haunt experiences each night for those with enough courage to overcome their fears in both light and darkness. Our TERROR TICKET, NIGHTMARE TICKET, or SEASON PASS are perfect to brave all 4 experiences at a discount.

Fear the Light and the Dark: Expanded Haunt Offers 4 Terrifying Experiences on Two Trails

Creepy Cornhole Course

Step right up and prepare yourself for a nightmarish twist on a classic game—introducing the Creepy Twisted Cornhole Course! Hidden within the shadowy depths of our haunted grounds, this spine-chilling challenge will have your heart racing as you navigate through the darkness. Each hole is adorned with sinister designs and unsettling surprises that will keep you on edge with every toss. Dare to enter, but beware—this is no ordinary game of corn hole. The spirits are watching, and they have a few tricks of their own. Will you conquer the course, or will the darkness claim you? Test your aim, your courage, and your sanity in this macabre twist on a backyard favorite.

DJ GraveGrim and Light Show

This year we’re collaborating with the infamous creepy clown artist and DJ, GraveGrim, for an unparalleled pre-show and queue line entertainment experience at our event. GraveGrim is set to elevate your waiting experience with his unique blend of original dark, mesmerizing beats, perfectly synchronized with eerie lighting and mysterious fog effects. This integration of haunting music with visual elements ensures that the suspense and thrill begin the moment you join the line, creating an immersive atmosphere that sets the tone for the spine-chilling adventure ahead. Get ready for a queue like no other, where the atmosphere is not just about waiting, but about starting your eerie journey with every beat and flicker.

Get Your Tickets Now If You Dare!

Sarah and Her Gang of Corrupted Clowns are Ready to Play

Dr. Grimley’s Haunted Trail is a unique outdoor haunt with cutting-edge technology for lighting, audio, and visual effects rivaling top ranked indoor haunts.

Dr. Grimley's Haunted Trail

2024 Dates

Saturday, Sep 28th, 8pm-11pm

Saturday, Oct 5th, 8pm-11pm

Friday, Oct 11th, 8pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 12th, 8pm-11pm

Friday, Oct 18th, 8pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 19th, 8pm-11pm

Friday, Oct 25th, 8pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 26th, 8pm-11pm
Sunday, Oct 27th, 8pm-11pm

Thursday, Oct 31st, 8pm-11pm (Halloween)
Friday, Nov 1st, 8pm-11pm
Saturday, Nov 2nd, 8pm-11pm

Scare Cam Monitoring Area!

Safe Zone Scare Cam Monitoring Area at Dr. Grimley’s Haunted Trail

Watch your friends and family as they survive the haunted trail LIVE on more than 60 high-quality night vision cameras.  Take unlimited photos and videos for memories you’ll love to share.  It’s just like you’re there with them every step of the way in close-up view, but you’re in a safe zone perfect for recording every terrifying moment. 


Due to the intense nature of this haunt, parental discretion is advised. This haunted trail utilizes cutting edge technology with loud and sudden sounds, low lighting, strobe and moving light effects, fog and other disorienting effects, and sudden motions. This haunt contains mature subject matter. This is a walking trail and is completely outdoors and there are plenty of natural distractions and potentially harmful bugs, insects, critters, and other outdoor challenges. Please wear appropriate outdoor attire and closed toe shoes with socks. The entire haunt is monitored by cameras 24/7.

Haunted Trail Rules:

  • No Touching the Actors or Props.
  • No Photos, Video Recording or Live Streaming in the Haunt (however, you can take as many photos and videos as you want in our scare cam area!)
  • No Climbing
  • No Horseplay
  • No Cursing
  • No Smoking
  • No Eating or Drinking
  • No Firearms
  • No Weapons
  • No Illegal Substances or Objects
  • No Lighters or Flames of Any Kind
  • No Carrying Children

    We have the right to expel anyone from the property.
    There are no refunds.

Do NOT enter the haunt if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Medical Sensitivity to Strobe or Fog Effects
  • Claustrophobia or fear of small/tight spaces
  • Poor balance or problems walking on uneven ground
  • Recent Surgery or Other Conditions that may be aggravated by this experience
  • You feel ill or have had a fever in the past 24 hours